Now there is literally no excuse for buying, ordering or consuming fish that is endangered!
The new SASSI App gives you all the information you need whenever and wherever you are.

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By using the seafood list, you can know which seafood species to tuck into with a clear conscience (green), which to think twice about because of associated environmental impacts (orange), and which to avoid altogether (red).

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“The ocean has always been viewed as a bottomless resource but the reality is that marine resources are finite. The ocean provides us with tremendous and often unseen economic, social and cultural benefits; it acts as a vast highway for commerce, it provides a place for recreation and, importantly, it supplies food or income for 2.6 billion people worldwide. Today, however, the ancient tradition of fishing has in many cases left in its wake dangerously depleted fish stocks and an ecosystem whose balance has been sufficiently tipped to jeopardize the existence of a number of key species.” Source

‘Make ocean-friendly seafood choices, for the love of our oceans.’

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