Ying and Chang’s tranquil Shanghai apartment, featured in DECO’s Ideas issue, is a true reflection of their style, personalities and passion for history, culture and entertaining guests around the dinner table.


In our Ideas issue, we show you the home of Ying and Chang in Shanghai – a modern style apartment with a dark palette, the original Art Deco detail of the 1928 building (such as the wavy pattern between ceiling and walls) having been retained – a reflection of the owners themselves who have a love of history and culture.

The day is always busy and exciting, but when it comes to nighttime at home, I need quiet,’ says Yang of his preference for darker tones.


Both owners also share a love for cooking and entertaining, claiming the dining table as the most important place in the house. Their dining room cabinet displays numerous wine glasses – gifts from guests who bring them to match the fine wines they enjoy together. Although having moved house more than 10 times (Japan, Uk and Hong Kong), Yang and Ching enjoy making a home in each place, with furniture pieces that have been collected over the years by the owners, and move from place to place with them.

The darkness of night brings peace and mystery, but is also an ode to the masculine spirit.

See the issue on shelf now to see the full story Shanghai Moon – this home that so clearly reflects it’s owners style and personalities. No matter how many times Yang and Ching move home, to them it is

the state of mind that is ‘home’ rather than the space – home is where the heart is.

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 4.09.45 PMOur Ideas Issue is on shelf now and packed with achievable ideas and solutions for updating your home, it’s a keeper! We give you the freshest advice and inspiration for updating your kitchen, making breakfast for champions, and round up the sexiest fabrics for 2016. Pick up your copy today and tell us what you think on Twitter @Elle_Deco, sharing your #IdeasIssue #DecoSelfie


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