How much do you know about Indian Culture? Well, there’s no better time to find out than now, because from 15 August to 5 October, the Indian High Commission is running a festival called Shared Histories. This exciting festival aims to enlighten South Africans on Indian culture by celebrating the dynamic nature of

There’s an amazing array of events to do with music, theatre, dance, food, film, literature, art and crafts,  all taking place in Johannesburg, Pretoria Cape Town, Pietermaritzburg and Durban. Click on the sidebar icon for all the programme details.


Highlights include the concerts by acclaimed traditional flautist PT Hariprasad Chaurasia, the opportunity to sample cuisine from Kashmir, the Way of the Serpent trapeze-like acrobatics of the Daksha Shesh Dance Company and also seeing Susheela Raman and Sam Mills in concert.

Visit the Shared Histories website for programme details