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There has been a fascination with the concept of time travel; trying to interpret what the future might hold or what we had not seen in the past. H.G. Wells had said in his 1895 novel, The Time Machine, “Nature never appeals to intelligence until habit and instinct are useless. There is no intelligence where there is no need of change.” The Sutherlands Home Furnishing (SHF) Masters have realised this more so than most within today’s society, taking knowledge of old and visualising what is needed in the future, and is useful in the present.

Elle Deco SA

Twelve of some of the most accomplished people within the industry share their stories, letting the outside world delve deeply into the recesses of sanctum, which is the world of furniture and SHF. The relationships that are built resemble the internals of a well oiled machine- linked and in sync, creating an entity that is by all means astounding, by cohesively working together. The Masters Campaign brings a humanity that is clearly lost in the 21st Century, honing in on what our ancestors would do, the pride of carrying the lineage of craft, trade, sustenance and community.

Elle Deco SA

The SHF Masters aim to be a part of our homes, through the pieces they touch, such that they may touch our lives in a way that is significant. It is an insurmountable task by any standard. Where it is easier to give in to the norms or be herded into monotony, this group of people has brought creation into a time of replication, tradition and irregularity.

Elle Deco SA

The wonders of humanity meeting industry in a fashion that is uncommon, and the simple man whose hands are tarnished from his love of metal. The concentration on the face of one who is lost in his creativity and exuberance displayed from a visionary. The SHF Masters is a culmination of people of all different creeds and backgrounds, synchronising, for the love of what they do. They have a shared passion for excellence and maintaining ideals that would slip through the cracks. They bring forth something too precious to be lost to the droids we make, yet which survived by the people who made them.

Elle Deco SA

Join us in the journey of discovering why the people you walk past everyday are the leaders of tomorrow, and how by following their heart, they accomplished their dreams. Learn how by doing the unconventional, they created the unthinkable, and by refusing to be mundane, they became the SHF Masters.

All images courtesy of SHF.

Inspired by the SHF Masters?

Browse through one of the sophisticated SHF showrooms in Natal Midlands, Durban or Randburg, with the Pretoria showroom to open later this year.

Visit their website at shf.co.za.

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