The marble sculpted figures of angels and saints that adorn parishes sit quietly. Vigilant as they watch the mulling of the streets go about, always alert, always protecting. Tish is a complex person, the dualities of someone whom is a perfectionist, occasionally revelling in the idiosyncrasies of life.

There is laughter in her smile as she looks at the world around her, absorbed by every breeze and flutter of falling leaves. Looking at her it’s not hard to reminisce on school text books heralding the exploits of Mother Teresa and the tenderness of Princess Diana, speckled with the tenacity of Queen Elizabeth I.


A devoted wife and mother of one, who is always  juggling emotions and lending an ear to the woes of staff as she does her utmost best to console the disheartened.  It’s a far cry from her start as an attorney, circled by stiff courtroom walls to the embrace of people seeking guidance within the growing brand of SHF. Tish has an innate sense of responsibility toward her fellow man as well as the needs of the entire group. It seems unthinkable that the small physique of Tish is the hard woman standing against riotous staff, commanding order and respect. Selflessness is a trait lost in a modern day world, and amongst this, Tish stands guardian, radiating an exuberance that is unparalleled. She places the needs of the many above her own.

It is inexplicable that a woman as young as her holds the wisdom of a generation that has long passed. She bridges the gap of modern day heroine and centuries old saint. Her green eyes, flecked with dashes of a shade of azure blue and tentative twitch of a smile that betray her, there must be a heaviness that the title of Head HR Leader bares. She is a Diana on the balcony with Charles, shy and slightly nervous as the crowd below look on in awe and wonder, expectant of her fulfilling their dreams. Incognitive of the fighter that lies shrouded behind the flurry of pearlesque dress.


Behind all of this, is a woman, determined and sharp tongued, strong minded and decisive, even as she weighs the scales of right and wrong, yet tender and caring, a contrast of someone who has seen the worst whilst attempting to do better. She is able to be saint and sinner, empathetic and pragmatic, a coin teetering on the edge of heads or tails. There will come a time where we will find ourselves seeking solace in the arms of people like Tish. When everything has gone awry and we are unsure of what to do, there they will be the statuesque angels and saints, the ones that give reverently without asking of anything in return. Tish is the living incarnation of these watchers of the world. She is the guardian.

All images courtesy of SHF

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