Photographs: Warren Heath, Text: Sally Rutherford, Styling: Sven Alberding/ Bureaux

The sophisticated, minimalist design of Craig Price’s Synergy Tree House in Scarborough dissolves the boundaries between the home and its setting on the mountainside at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean. 

Photographs: Warren Heath, Text: Sally Rutherford, Styling: Sven Alberding/ Bureaux

The home’s interiors were decorated under the professional eye of Lisa Fabbri. Texture is key and bright colours are used sparingly to add fresh notes and echo the saturated hues of the sea and sky in summer. Comfort was the single most important factor. After a day on the beach, visitors are invited to sprawl on chairs and loungers for sundowner cocktails.

Given the house’s location on the weather-exposed tip of the Cape of Storms, Craig has accommodated the wind that makes Scarborough a magnet for fellow kitesurfers – you can slide away different windows or doors to create a still sanctuary or embrace the fresh air. For the garden, he sought out the input of another savvy local – landscaper and ‘conscious gardener’ Mark Wellens, who helped to install a clever grey-water system. ‘This garden offered me a sense of grounding that was the starting point for the first of many visions for the home’s design,’ explains Craig. ‘It had to be a place that shelters and feeds our diverse insect and birdlife indigenous to the area.’

Photographs: Warren Heath, Styling: Sven Alberding/ Bureaux

A canopy of branches shelters Synergy Tree House’s dining room on the balau deck – the heart of this home. A luxurious carpet, recycled teak furniture, a roof of leaves and the sea sparkling in the distance all combine to form Craig’s favourite space. ‘I feel the whole house was made for this,’ he says.

Photographs: Warren Heath, Styling: Sven Alberding/Bureaux

 Cabanas can be sophisticated: choose decor that has clean lines in colours that echo wood and water.

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