The Artisan Luxe range
The Artisan's new elegant Luxe range - Candlesticks, Marble Paperweight & Floor Lamp

Raw materials like copper and marbled stone remain consistently on-trend in many of the most stylish interiors that we come across. So when The Artisan’s elegant new Luxe range of furniture and lighting dropped into our inbox, we just had to find out more.

The Artisan is a young Capetonian design brand producing a range of furniture pieces, lighting and home accessories immediately recognisable with a consistently clean, simple aesthetic. Since launching in 2013, the brand has grown in popularity and is now stocked all over the country, in addition to its online shop. We caught up with Ingrid Auret from The Artisan’s team to find out all the details on their new Luxe range.

Tell us about The Artisan: how old are you and how did you start?

The Artisan started in July of 2013. Wwe felt that there was a huge gap in the market for affordable, locally designed and manufactured lamps. At that time Jovan, finder and owner of The Artisan, was working in architecture so applying his already technical brain to designing lamps was easy, he started playing around with shapes out of copper piping and a few days later we had some lamps to start our small business with.

What does the name mean – how does this reflect your range?

Luxe, meaning luxurious. This is our, in essence, ‘fancy’ range, our more sophisticated, more expensive range made from copper and marble which in its own is a very timeless, durable, luxurious material.

The Artisan LUXE bedside lamps
Luxe Table Lamp R1 700, The Artisan
How does this new Luxe collection differ from what The Artisan have produced before?

Our previous products are mostly made from just copper pipe, they are simple amd more affordable. Where as the Luxe range is a combination of materials, so you have the contrast in colour as well as the contrast between the slightly rugged copper (less expensive material) and the sophisticated marble (more expensive material). That being said, our copper pipe does get polished and treated so will not react and go dark or green as copper normally does (so the copper is not THAT rugged!).

Where did the inspiration come from and how did you select your materials?

The inspiration came from us feeling that we need to incorporate other materials with copper pipe; everyone can build a lamp from copper piping (and they do). Not everyone has the resources and contacts to have marble bases. We felt the need to bring a new range out combining materials, so that customers can buy and feel that their lamp is more exclusive – one you don’t see everywhere. Marble and copper are also both very much on-trend right now, as one of our designer friends, Kobus, pointed out during a friendly brainstorm session.

Can you give us some seasonal style tips for how we could style the LUXE collection in our homes?

Well, that depends on the product, but because of the minimalism of the products, definitely pair them with warm, slightly dramatic fabrics, faux fur, deep blues, fluffy rugs, wood, felt hats and camel coloured coats. The entire range will effortlessly fit into any interior.

The entire range will effortlessly fit into any interior.

Luxe Small Lamp R1 500, The Artisan
Luxe Small Lamp R1 500, The Artisan
What other winter decor or furniture trends have you seen and loved?

Definitely the deep, rich, warm colours like blue and maroon.

If you had to pick one piece from the new Luxe collection, what would it be and why?

My favourite is the Plant Stand, I have a plant addiction… and also because the marble is such a big part of it; it’s the feature. The Artisan’s Founder, Jovan Geldenhuys, would pick the Small Lamp, ‘purely for its simplicity…so much beauty in such a small piece.’

Where can DECO readers shop your beautiful wares?

We have The Artisan online shop you can easily buy from; all our products are on there and shipping is free on everything except floor-standing lamps. On the site you can also find a list of stockists of The Artisan products throughout South Africa.

The Artisan LUXE candlesticks
Luxe candlesticks R320-R900, The Artisan
Luxe Floor Lamp R3 00, The Artisan
Luxe Floor Lamp R3 800, The Artisan
The Artisan LUXE small table lamps
Luxe Table Lamp R1 700 | Luxe Small Lamp R1 500, The Artisan
Luxe Plant Stand R2 100, The Artisan
Luxe Plant Stand R2 100, The Artisan


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