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Sit & Co. are building a new type of shopping experience: you browse, choose and customise; they make it and deliver it to you.

The idea started as an extension of Martin Harris Interiors when they realised that they were custom making almost all of the furniture for clients, Sit & Co. decided to make this service available to the public.

Martin, having worked in the furniture industry for many years and knowing that opportunities exist to improve on a piece of furniture, even more so to custom fit it to a client’s personal requirements. There are so many options for a single piece of furniture, and they always say the client should have the freedom to choose the fabric and make it as comfortable as possible by adjusting the furniture to their specific needs.

We want to have a more personal take on things, where we work with the customer to get the perfect piece of furniture. The quality is excellent and we strive to deliver within two to three weeks, which most other big chain stores cannot do.


DECO chatted to the team…

“We love designing something that a client saw somewhere but wants to tweak a little bit. We have found that by doing this, the client gets the aesthetic and ergonomic features they want. It is all about comfort and visual satisfaction. We like the idea of each family member having a special customised chair. And this also suits our outlook on interior decor; a combination of styles in one room, provided it makes sense in terms of the overall look and feel. There’s no rule in our book that every chair in one room has to be identical.

We realise that online shopping is still very daunting for most of the South African market, that’s why we also have smaller items you can order to get more familiar and comfortable with purchasing furniture online. For example the pouffes, ottomans and floor cushions; these will give you an idea of the quality of fabric, workmanship and delivery time. It’s a matter of building trust in online shopping, because ultimately it offers you the comfort of your own home and time to browse, select and think about your choices.

The process is very simple and there’s a check out comment box where you tell us what you would like to change about the piece you selected, example, a deeper seat, higher back etc. We will then call you to make sure we have all the information needed to manufacture your couch or chair to suit your specific needs. Small changes could make it all the more comfortable. Sit & Co. wants you to have the perfect piece of furniture.”

So what are you waiting for? Browse through their featured couches, chairs, ottomans and headboards. Keep in mind that they can customise the depth of the seats and the height of the couch or chair to your needs. You can also choose the colour of the couch or chair legs; the texture, pattern and colour of the upholstery fabric (within their range of choices).

We have just received our Mid Century Magic sitting chair for the new #ELLEFashionCupboard and couldn’t be happier!

Watch this space to see how it looks in our offices.



Visit our store online www.sitandco.com