In collaboration with Smart Art we developed one of a kind wallpapers that set the scene for our AfroSuperFuture shoot T.I.A, and to say we are over the moon with the results is an understatement. 

Results! Star of the show our very one wallpaper printed by Smart Art


Theresa van Wyk is a Karoo born girl who yearned to escape the farm life in favour of a more thrilling, city experience. She gave in to her lust for adventure by jetting off to London to join the world of commerce for eight years. She admits that the British capital was somewhat dull and gloomy, which evoked her desire for more colour in her life. Thus, she returned to warm and bright South Africa, where her entrepreneurial journey began.

She came home to a country that was undergoing a “décor revolution”, triggered by the arrival of the internet. The web introduced homeowners in South Africa’s flourishing décor market, to a world of fresh design concepts. Trends evolved in such a way that a need for more dramatic and electrifying, yet modish decor emerged. Given this, van Wyk identified a niche market for originality and creative liberty, and decided to take advantage of it.

Wallpaper designed by Tammy Joubert for DECO’s T.I.A shoot from page 20 in the latest Africa Issue


Smart Art came about after van Wyk turned her garage into a home studio and taught herself to use computer design programmes. Although she became accustomed to being her own boss, it was a tougher challenge than what she expected. However, the rewards that she was gifted with made the elbow grease and late nights worth it. Not only has she been granted the opportunity to live her passion, but also to enhance her skills set with state of the art technology.

The Smart Art philosophy places a strong emphasis on personal autonomy and distinctiveness, hence the slogan “Your Image, Your Art”. Van Wky’s aim is to allow her clients the independence to fashion their own environment, armed with bespoke Smart Art products, from their design collections. She also welcomes authentic pieces provided by her clients, which are then refabricated.

Getting it signed off


The Smart Art team is a fun, creative and visionary bunch who with their keen eye for detail can bring all your ideas to life. Simply give them a feel for what you are hoping to achieve and they’ll make it happen! If you are not 100% sure of what could work, their friendly staff are always available for you to pick their brains for exciting, new, innovative ideas . With their unbreakable love of the brand, there is no bigger reward than turning their customers imaginations into reality.


The hues and compositions in wallpaper can subliminally influence emotional wellness and attitude, bolstering the energy of, or bringing a sense of tranquillity to, everyday life. Smart Art clients can express their uniqueness by opting for wallpaper that suits them perfectly, and witness their homes being radically altered to mirror their lives.

Not forgetting the little ones, Smart Art recognises the significance of pattern in adorning children’s rooms. The replication in patterns encourages problem solving and offers children a sense of balance. Big alphabet blocks, life-size trees, beaches, jungles, and even building sites, are portrayed in Smart Art wallpaper. This can spark a child’s imagination and allow them to develop a comprehension of their surroundings.


Five months into Smart Art’s seven years of business, they accepted the Elle Decoration Design Award. The Award came as a pleasant surprise that stimulated the Smart Art team to surpass their limits and produce exclusively outstanding service for their customers. Van Wyk elaborates: “At Smart Art, we firmly believe that to be content is to stagnate and are always challenging ourselves to achieve greater heights and, through experience and work satisfaction, to stand on firmer ground.”



Our very own Tammy Joubert designed wallpaper that was both beautiful and contemporary. Polling inspiration from the modern colours of Africa she developed the perfect backdrop to frame the T.I.A shoot. And to the rescue came Smart Art the process was both exciting and seamless. In a matter of days we had our own custom printed wallpaper, installed by the great Smart Art installers plus some handy tips.

Results! our T.I.A shoot in full swing


Visit the show room: 150 Albert Road, Woodstock Foundry, Cape Town 8000

Phone 021 447 0872 Email Website


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