Images courtesy of SMITH

SMITH Studio’s summer exhibition Rendezvous open this Thursday, December 5. This wide-ranging collection of work will be a showcase of the 23 artists that were represented by SMITH during 2018.

(from left to right) ‘Nothing there is good, the wine is just flavoured water, and the Sangria had a taste of sardines’ 2018, Michaela Younge; ‘Has anyone fed the cats’ 2018, Sitaara Stodel; ‘Almond Eyes’ 2018 Nabeeha Mohamed. Images courtesy of SMITH

This show, which starts this First Thursday, will bring SMITH’s fourth year of operation to a close for the season. This exhibition comprises of work by Stephen Allwright, Katherine Bull, Vanessa Cowling, Grace Cross, Katharien de Villiers, Jess Holdengarde, Banele Khoza, Sepideh Mehraban, Dale Lawrence, Michael Linders, Elsabe Milandri, Nabeeha Mohamed, Gitte Moller, Thandiwe Msebenzi, Rosie Mudge, Daniel Nel, Bert Pauw, Gabrielle Raaff, Tiago Rodrigues, Sitaara Stodel, Marsi van de Heuvel, Anna van der Ploeg and Michaela Younge.

(from left to right) ‘Sunday Afternoon’ 2018, Banele Khoza; ‘Two and a Half Litres’ 2018, Bert Pauw; Together Towards Our Hopes And Dreams’ 2018, Tiago Rodrigues. Images courtesy of SMITH

Rendezvous is a gathering of trusted old friends and some exciting new faces to celebrate the end of a successful year at SMITH. This show captures each artist’s current creative output and offers varying views on the role of art-making in society. Rendezvous creates a space for collectors to encounter the standout works from the artists in SMITH’s stable, and gives a taste of what can be expected in 2019,” says SMITH curator Jana Terblanche.

Exhibition dates: December 5, 2018 – January 12, 2019

Opening: December 5 at 5.30pm

Venue: SMITH, 56 Church Street, Cape Town 8001

For more information visit the SMITH website here

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