Chances are, if you’re reading this blog, you’re one of those up-to-the-minute, tech-savvy types who does all communication via email, MMS, Twitter, and the like. But these stylish mailboxes are likely to get even the most web-dependent of us reaching for our fountain pens and onionskin writing paper.


I rather fancy the sleek, modern lines of the stainless steel and cedar Comparto (above), but am tempted by the Cadrona (below), which is made from zincalume, and comes in nine different shades, with a cute ‘you’ve got mail’ flag.


And if I were just a little bit shorter, I’d be sorely tempted to move into a neighbourhood of wooden postboxes like this, wouldn’t you?


Find your favourite mailbox at Mailboxes. They’re based in New Zealand, but they ship (to your mailbox) worldwide.