This is the home office where Elle Decoration Editor Laureen Rossouw works when she’s checks out from our busy daytime office. As you can see, there’s a lot going on in Laureen’s workspace. So now we know why our Ed manages to get so much done in shoulder time at home. Working in a space like this can only be inspiring, productive and energising. Surrounded by a constantly expanding collection of mementos, collectible postcards and keepsakes, it’s one of those busy places that completely expresses the sensibilities of the person who works there. Busy it might be. But being true to the heart of the owner makes it feel peaceful.

In this workspace, influences of the Bauhaus movement amongst many others shine through Laureen’s eclectic mix of paintings, advertising posters, artworks by friends and family and tsotskes collected from outings, holidays and work trips. Laureen hits the wooden trend bang on the head with wooden pencils and accessories to chime with her beautiful parquet flooring. Personalise your own workspace with beautiful images that inspire you – and get the creative juices flowing. Collect everything you love. Put it up. Arrange. Rearrange. Repeat.

Since we’re about to hit a slew of public holidays and long weekends, and most of us will either chill at home or head for the hills, now is a good time to think office. March and April tend to get super-busy and it helps to have an organised workspace to squeeze five days’ work into all these four day weeks. We’ll show you a few more workspaces that lit up our eyes.

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All images by Zarah Cassim

Posted by Kat Scriven & Jenny Mason