Imagine walking into a New York loft apartment in the heart of trendy Soho where anything you see can be bought. Style enthusiasts, Morgan Wendelborn & Vanessa Traina had just this vision with their intimate setting of a fashion, home and beauty store: The Apartment by The Line.

Images courtesy of cheetahisthenewblack // apartment34

Stepping out of the lift into the store – or rather, apartment – takes you into a light-filled showcase of objects in context. Allowing you to live the experience of a minimalistic home where each object‘s story adds discovery through editorial features of the carefully selected, continuously changing items.

Images courtesy of Cheetahisthenewblack // Designcomb

The same can be said for the recently launched Los Angeles apartment. With a bit more of a “California” vibrant feel to the home, all the same concepts apply. Both stores are an inspirational home heaven, with everything from beautiful kitchenware to a perfected closet filled with light and precisely tailored garments.

Booking an appointment ahead of time will allow you to have a personalised experience with wardrobe styling, interior design or even gift register assistance. Everything you see in the store can be bought which adds to the exclusivity of the ever changing options. Whether you leave with a scented candle, a bath tub, piece of art or an exquisite vintage coat, you are bound to fall in love with something from The Line.

The concept is genius and just makes you want to live The Line lifestyle. We love it and are officially inspired.

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