Day 2 of the Design Indaba Conference looked to be as promising as the first. The focus seemed to be on using design as a creative solution to worldwide problems, both big and small. 

Stuart Forrest, CEO of Triggerfish Animation Studio started the day off on a lighthearted note, allowing the audience to channel their inner child through animated video displays of Roald Dahl’s Revolting Rhymes and Khumba. He even included a live orchestra to accompany his screening.


All the speakers of the day opted for an interactive talk experience, using visual and sonic performances to engage the audience. Feminist filmmaker Jabu Nadia Newman included a live performance of an upcoming episode of her webseries, The Foxy Five. Information designer Giorgia Lupi and American musician Kaki King used LED lightmapping over guitar playing to visualise the collection of data. Nigerian beatmaker Blinky Bill entertained with a fusion of sound and imagery, while graphic designer Kate Moross included video footage of her large-scale global design work with MTV VMAs and musicians like Disclosure and One Direction.


Berlin-based South African artist Robin Rhode used live drawing with different materials to create a unique combination of visual and performance art. Somewhat poetic, at times funny, and definitely obscure, his performance used chalk, oil crayon, charcoal and spraypaint to draw symbols meant to move and dislodge the audience’s way of thinking about daily life.

Lenert and Sander were without a doubt the highlight of the day’s events, receiving a standing ovation for their talk on industry “copycats”. The two used visual material to juxtapose each of their projects with the work of renowned artists who have achieved success by copying them. The blatant similarities were astounding. Each clip was interspersed with quotes on forgiveness, a tongue in cheek approach to their reaction to industry plagiarism that saved them from being bitter and had the audience in stitches. The talk ended with a live performance of a self-composed satirical song by a choir, and the audience got to sing along.


Joe Gebbia, co-founder and CPO of global business phenomenon Airbnb ended off the day with a moving talk on how his business is using simple design solutions to solve the refugee crisis in America and around the world.

Images courtesy of Design Indaba 

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