When you meet a French man living in South Africa, do you call him an “ex-Frenchman”? Of course not, but somehow, when people leave South Africa, they’re often called “ex-South Africans”, as if their homeland was just a map-shaped stain that faded the minute they left our shores.

But some people have their home tattooed on their heart, no matter how far away they live, and the author of South of the Sahara , is certainly one of these.

Although she’s based in the US, she keeps right up-to-date with southern African design, and spreads the word through her blog. And now that she has a weekly guest spot at 2modern, the word keeps spreading.

Check out her latest post on Astrid Dahl at 2Modern, and bookmark South of the Sahara so that this far-away South African keeps you in touch with what’s going on right under your nose!