Two of South Africa’s most distinguished design houses, Southern Guild and Gregor Jenkin Studio, have teamed up for this year’s Design Miami. Southern Guild, SA’s foremost design gallery, is presenting the work of Gregor Jenkin Studio, one of SA’s most prominent designers, at Design Miami from today until 4 December.

The Gregor Jenkin Studio functions as an engineering environment and systematic workshop. Each piece is a result of searching for a new way of doing something old. In this way, Jenkin (below) and his small team strive to create functional objects that are both thoughtful and thought-provoking. Gregor’s imposing silo cabinet, the ‘Engrained Wardrobe’ (above), ‘Clockwatcher’ (below, right) and ‘Migrant/Migrate’ clutch tables (top image) is on show in Miami.

Southern Guild has become a benchmark for quality and originality, constantly showcasing the pinnacle of contemporary design in South Africa. The yearly collection is curated and directed by Trevyn and Julian McGowan of Source, the leading agency for the global sales of South African design.

For more information, contact Source on +27 44 877 8719, or visit