Elle Decoration SA
Spindel's eco-friendly laundry spin dryer

Spindel allows you to get your laundry done in no time and without the insane electricity bill.  Most of us hate laundry day, especially during those rainy days when everything takes ages to dry and you end up with damp smelling fabrics.  

Spindel is a specialist laundry spin dryer that makes laundry day simple.  It uses spin power instead of heat to remove the majority of the moisture that is left in fabrics after your washing machine’s spin cycle.  This means that your fabrics can dry in a fraction of the time and certain items can be ironed immediately!  Even better, the Spindel cycle only takes about 3 minutes and it consumes 100 times less energy than tumble drying.  Spindel is also safe for all fabrics – even those delicate hand washed items.  Watch the Spindel demo video to see more.

Elle Decoration SA
Spindel’s eco-friendly laundry spin dryer

With benefits such as super-fast drying time, lower electricity consumption and minimal impact on the environment, Spindel is a must have for every South African household.  Spindel is available at selected appliance stores. 

For more information visit www.spindel.co.za.