Add life to your decor with plants

Using plants to bring a space to life is a stylish and easy way to decorate. It can be anything you want dainty, rustic, modern or bold. So spoil yourself with soil and get planting. 

Elle Decoration SA
1. Succulent in Compot by Woolworths – Great for first time gardeners.

2. Kreep Modular Planting System by Joe Paine – Which can be customised into any shape and size, and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Elle Decoration3. Forestware Smoke Fired Vertical Garden by Art in the Forest   – Add drama to your decor by creating a vertical garden.

4. Hanging Shard by Cinderwood  – Hanging plants add instant style to any room. The Hanging Shard comes with a chain, planting kit and instructions.

5. Recycled Planter by GROWbag – The planters are made from old billboard vinyl skins and are a 100% recycled. 

Compiled by Sanri Pienaar

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