Grant’s and I See A Different You are on a quest, travelling around South Africa looking for people and moments that represent #StandTogetherMzansi.

Grant’s and ISADY have partnered up to travel around South Africa, capturing moments that represent #StandTogetherMzansi. So far they have portrayed the largest City in South Africa, Jozi, with numerous photo shoots taking place across the city of gold.

ISADY’s vision is to shape the voice of youth in South Africa as brave, creative and imaginative. The concept behind #StandTogetherMzansi is to bring together South Africans from all walks of life, to celebrate and embrace their cultural differences. I See A Different You wants people to engage with their raw and un-edited journey of the people that they photograph.

Over the past few days ISADY have been fortunate enough to photograph some talented Johannesburg based artists and creatively minded people, who have helped one another to achieve shared success. We looked into who they are and why they represent #StandTogetherMzansi.

The theme celebrates ordinary people who have achieved extraordinary things through co-operation.

There’s success and then there’s real achievement
Because your worth isn’t only measured in dollars
Or by the name on your watch
It’s measured in friends
Shared values
And shared ambitions
Any achievement worth the name is never yours alone
It’s fed by the inspiration and support of others
After all, what’s the point in making it if you can’t share it?
So bask in it together
Raise a glass together
And Stand Together

Lauren Kuhlmey, the marketing manager for the William Grant & Sons portfolio at Edward Snell & Co Ltd says,“By collaborating with I See A Different You, we want to depict these incredible moments of courage, support and solidarity, a demonstration of the rewards reaped through collective achievement as opposed to the singular.”

Speaking on a video that explains the project, Justice Mukheli says,

Stand Together means that you can’t be what you want to be if you are alone. No-one gets to their success by themselves.

Some of the people profiled are fashion-designer duo Augustine and Maria; Soweto Skate Society; comedians Goliath & Goliath; Andile Dyalvane and Zizipho Poswa, who do unique ceramics and sculpture; bloggers; designers; rappers… all examples of teamwork that has led to success.

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