We visited the brand-new PUMA SELECT pop-up store that opened yesterday at 137 Bree Street on 6 March and chatted with the  3D industrial designer Ben Wilson who collaborated on the design with Adam Brinkworth.

The store will be open for a year of WDC2014 and showcase PUMA’s premium product including collaborations with top designers, creatives and influencers.


“What we like about this concept is that it addresses premium right now,” says Brinkworth.

It isn’t about being ostentatious or showing off using lavish materials. We think it’s much more about honesty to materials and the craft, and lets the product speak for itself.


The duo’s love of English workshops and the art of creating are behind the overall concept of the Select store, with local manufacturing company Designamite assisting with the store’s construction.

A feature of the store is the simple peg system used to display product. Re-engineered using modern technology, the peg system creates a crafted, yet industrial space that can be altered at a moment’s notice.

Spaces must be flexible and adjust to the product and activity in the store. This is key in today’s retail environment.


The best new is: If you are browsing around the store and tweet using the hashtag #PUMASelectCT, you are entitled to one free beer. The store also has wi-fi so PUMA are encouraging people to relax in the space, work if they need to, and enjoy a drink.

To find out more visit the SELECT blog (www.pumaselect.com), or their Facebook page (www.facebook.com/Puma)

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All photographs by Paul Ward