Thought I’d find some interesting ladders to help our dear readers climb over the mid-week hump as we head towards the weekend.


This one is simply brilliant – who thought anyone could reinvent the ladder? Well it’s been done with the Cima Ladder. Made from carbon fibre in a single piece, it’s easy to carry (less than 1kg), easy to store, and feels just like climbing a tree.


On the other side of the ladder continuum is this exquisite maple Hangman ladder by Paul Loebach , inspired by 19 Century orchard ladders.


Also by Paul Loebach, these Shaker-inspired nesting Step Stools pull out to create a step ladder.


And finally, Belgian company Casimir Meubelen have come up with a nifty bookshelf-cum-ladder. Ladder No.1 is made of solid oak and comes in three different sizes.

Well, that should have got you to to the top of the hump – from here it’s downhill towards the weekend!