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Meet Anniek, the beauty and the brains behind the creative studio joop in the Netherlands. From concept creation to photography to design, she dishes on life, how she started and what a journey it has been and continues to be. 

“Since 2015 the label studio joop has been growing into a green and creative workspace. A mishmash of styling, graphic design, concepts and photography makes studio joop stand out from the crowd.”


Your journey into the arts…

I think I was always going be a creative person. I was one of those kids who was always drawing, dressing up and playing outside acting out my own stories with my two brothers. As I got older my interest became more and more serious, in great part thanks to my granddad. He was an amateur photographer who even fabricated his own dark room at home using some old cloths to develop his pictures. Even though he died while I was very young he certainly did leave a mark.

Een mengelmoes van design, grafische vormgeving, concepten en fotografie
maakt studio joop tot een uniek geheel.

When I was 17 and finished high school I chose to pursue photography and styling as a profession. Eventually this lead to me attending the Fotovakschool in Amsterdam, where I really sharpened my eye and skills with the camera. When I finished I took on several jobs to support myself, but the itch of starting my own label stayed. So after a lot of preparation, test shoots, and hard work behind the scenes I just went for it and started studio joop early 2015. In a way this completes a circle, as the name is in honour of my granddad, whose first name was Joop.

Studio Joop’s Instagram Feed

When it comes to going public, Anniek uses Facebook and Pinterest for the marketing of @studiojoop, and as for Instagram, that might as well be a lifeline. “I love the way this platform works and focuses on images. It also draws a lot of business to studio joop. Many orders on my own website start as a question on Instagram and I also attract a lot of stores and webshops to my work on Instagram,” Anniek explains. She has also noticed how her work has attracted a lot of attention internationally, as more orders come from abroad.

I love the kind and positive reactions from all corners of the world that come my way through Instagram and for which I am very grateful time and time again.



A day in the life of Anniek

The first thing I do when I get up is wake up my dog Elva, who I bury in cuddles and feed. Then I make some tea and jump in the shower to kick-start my day. Usually there is some email admin to take care of. I constantly check Instagram and Pinterest for inspiration and to keep in contact with others.


‘‘plant series’  is a mixture of different botanical prints that are perfect for anyone that likes to be surrounded by plants, but somehow can’t seem to keep them alive. Also, anyone with a green heart will walk away with these plants on paper. The central focus is on the gorgeous plants themselves, each with their own story and own appearance, pictured as pure as possible. Botanical prints that are an addition to your own habitat or that of someone else, that don’t need watering every day.’


Who helps you out?

When I have a collaboration or styling job my focus is there mostly. All this I do with the help of my intern, who takes a bit of weight off my shoulders as well as working on her own projects. My brother has a shop in vintage and retro furniture at the front of our house, so I help him out occasionally when it comes to styling and signing etcetera. In the meantime I also walk my dog in the park nearby and try to get some stuff done around the house (as I work from my home). The evening time is typically a time to relax, but I do love to go out in the town as well – going for a drink or a bite to eat with my boyfriend and/or friends.

What is studio joop all about?

One thing immediately strikes in the work of studio joop: simplicity. This reverberates in the graphic approach and the minimalistic outcome. Everyday things accentuated in a different light, with an eye for detail. The most beautiful moments don’t need garnishing and that is precisely the feeling studio joop wants to capture. The ongoing project  ‘plant series’ is the first example of this attitude.


Where do you go to find inspiration?

Seeing that my main focus lies with botanical prints at the moment, going out into nature is my main inspiration. Luckily having to walk my dog daily means that I spend a lot of time in the park. I also like to go out to plant shops and botanical gardens. And of course different social media offer a lot of daily inspiration. But I never want to duplicate things, I always try to give my own spin on my work so that it stands out from the crowd.

Emotionally this means that I try to stay as close to myself as possible. In other words, I always want to translate my feelings into an image. A certain stillness, the way light sets the tone of a room, the attitude of a plant – I have to feel something with my subject or else it won’t work.

What can always be found in your fridge?

There is one thing that is always in stock: Heinz Ketchup. And yes, it has to be Heinz or else it doesn’t count. I don’t eat it with everything, but it’s fair to say that I go through more bottles a year than the average person – by a mile. This all started when I first started living on my own, and pasta with mince and ketchup was my favourite dish to make and eat. The only variation was the kind of pasta I used.


Which mediums do you prefer to work with?

Being a photographer I mostly rely on my digital camera. I tend to use only natural lighting, as I dislike the effect studio lights give next to the distraction of the subject. This also goes for the preproduction: I try to minimise the amount of Photoshop to just edit out blemishes of spots in the background and get the colour balance right for printing. For my prints I prefer recycled paper. It has the right feel, slight imperfections that I really like and it mirrors the plants I use in terms of attention for the natural and biological things in life.

“I also own a number of analogue cameras, but I mostly use them for private snaps of everyday life. That being said, an analogue series is definitely one of the things on the bucket list of Studio Joop!”


All images by Anniek Beije of studio joop

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