Show House
Steyn City Show House

There once was a time when kids rode their bikes to the corner shop, and neighbours chatted over their fences while watering the garden. For those who live at Steyn City, however, that time was, well, today. DECO has the scoop on the latest lifestyle development near Fourways.

Thesen Island Show House
Thesen Island Show House

Steyn City Lifestyle Resort, just north of Fourways in Johannesburg, has been designed around the dream of architects Douw Steyn and Giuseppe Plumari to create a place where families could live as they did when times were simpler and less frenetic.

The first thing that is apparent is the sheer size of the resort. At 2 000 acres and four times the size of Monaco, space is boundless here. As Africa’s largest residential development to date, it turns the idea of dense city living on its head, and invites its residents to enjoy the wide open spaces.

Aerial Shot Apartments & Mandela Park - March 2015 (2)
Aerial Shot Apartments & Mandela Park; Image credit: Steyn City

There is no development on the continent that I know of, that compares in size and infrastructure to Steyn City. This will allow residents to enjoy an unparalleled array of leisure activities and create a unique quality of life that has long been out of the reach of most South Africans, due to high walls, the need to commute and security concerns. – Giuseppe Plumari, CEO of Steyn City Properties

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One of the most innovative aspects of Steyn City is the approach to the look and feel of these apartments that have a much more articulated, ‘village feel’, due to variances in the height of the buildings, while still following a contemporary, barn architecture that includes steel work and timber cladding.


Residents at Steyn City are free to enjoy a vast array of luxury recreational facilities, including:

  • The newly launched Equestrian Centre
  • The golfing fraternity is equally well served with a Nicklaus-design golf course.
  • Swimming pools, restaurants and delicatessens
  • Outdoor fitness areas and indoor gyms.
  • Clubhouses
  • River walks, squash and tennis courts.
  • Boutiques and sculpture gardens.
  • Child-friendly facilities – you’ll find plenty of playgrounds, soccer pitches and even a skate park.
  • A 15 km pedestrian walkway
  • Top notch security – residents are protected by the latest technological advances.
  • Private healthcare, schools, retail centres and a filling station.

Even load-shedding becomes a problem of the past, thanks to piped gas and generators installed in every building.

Horse riding in idyllic surrounds, at Steyn City; Image credit: Steyn City


The first phase of the development saw the completion of 93 apartments and 19 clusters, with a further 45 clusters to be built off plan. In addition six show homes have been completed and 220 freehold stands have been released onto the market that will allow owners to build their own homes.

Image credit: Steyn City

Residents will be able to build their homes according to their preference from a selection of architectural styles including: Contemporary, Thesen Island, Barnhouse and sandstone clad French Chateau.

If it weren’t for the stunningly advanced technology that has been implemented in every aspect of the lifestyle resort, it would be easy to mistake living at Steyn City for a journey back in time: a time when neighbours were friends, and family was at the core of every day well-lived.



  Images courtesy of Steyn City Properties

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