I’ve been noticing extremely pared-down furniture design that reminds me strongly of a stick insect. It’s not that easy to herd insects, so here’s just a very small roundup of stick-insect-like furniture I’ve noticed of late:


Slight resemblance to a Zimmer frame aside, I do like the cantilevered balance of the Alodia stool by Todd Bracher for Cappellini.

Small Work lampThe Small Work lamp by Swiss company Big-Game for Moustache incorporates small LEDs for a bright light without a bulky bulb.

Desk51The powder coated Desk 51 by Blu Dot looks like a pretty practical workdesk… apart from the fact that it would be excruciating to upset these lines with something as crude as a concertina file or rollodex.


And yes, I know I shouldn’t fit local outfit Doktor and Missus’ lamp into my stick insect category – it’s called the Dog Lamp, after all – but… dogs like sticks, don’t they?