Diederik Schneemann is the creative behind Studio Schneemann. Driven by curiosity, he is always searching for the elements that make a product fascinating and unique. What makes his work even more exciting is the ethos behind his materials and production. “A good design is defined by its sustainability, the (application of) material, a comprehensible conceptual approach or a strong communicative value,” he says.

The flip flops themselves tell a story. Discoloured, worn in, torn, patched up and finally thrown away, they gather in sewer systems – only to wash up on the shores of East Africa, among other places. Schneemann has collected these discarded flip flops and given them new life as sustainable design objects, including the Flo-Ding floating lounger (below).

We love the leisurely look and multiple uses of the Flo-Ding – you can hang it from a tree, float down the river on it, or even use it indoors as a lounger.

Schneemann does not hide the fact that his products are made from discarded flip flops. He embraces the colours and the textures of the materials, as seen in the vase and the hanging light (below) that he showed at the Milan Funiture Fair this year.

To think these items all started out as a pair of flip flops…