Aisha Baker, from Baked the Blog, is worth getting to know. DECO is constantly on the search for fresh and new stylish faces and this week we chatted to this online influencer, fashion blogger and digital entrepreneur to find out what makes her tick.

By now you might have noticed that in every issue we ask a taste-maker what they are wearing, coveting and downloading – in our final column, My Stylish Life – and here online we invite you to join us in getting to know even more of our most stylish South Africans. Leading the charge in the most fashionable corners of the internet is Aisha Baker from Baked the Blog.

Although Aisha has been on the digital scene for a couple of years now, she has just recently taken the plunge of becoming a full time blogger. What started as an escape, a place to share her passion for writing, beauty and fashion, has now become her full time job and her very own form of expression.

Elle Decoration SA
How do you take cues from your closet when it comes to home décor?
My closet has evolved as I have grown and so has my décor aesthetic. I have exchanged prints for textures, colour for neutrals and price for quality. I think those are the key points to styling or building up your wardrobe or any home.

If you could take some inspiration from the catwalk to the couch, what would it be?
I am not much of a catwalk enthusiast I prefer taking inspiration from fashion on the streets – it comes from an emotional place rather than a curated one and I find that very inspiring.

Denim or leather?
Denim always!

What fashion era best describes your personality? Why?
My personality is very impulsive and quirky so I would probably relate most to Gianni Versace’s ’90s.

Who are you following are Instagram?
I try to follow accounts who engage my creative side – my current favourite account on Instagram and always will be Jules from her Sincerely Jules blog. I love the way her Instagram is curated!

Your top South African designer is…
I am in love with Celeste Arendse from Selfi. We recently worked on a campaign project together and I just love her spirit, aesthetic and design process. Watching her work made me respect her as a business woman and artist.


Elle Decoration SA

What are you busy working on?
I am currently working on extending my brand from fashion to fashion and beauty. I hope to throw myself into the beauty market – it’s an area I’ve always dabbled in but never took seriously enough to develop as a part of my brand.

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