Images: Sho Madjozi, Exposed clothing rack from Weylandts

Maya Wegerif, also known as Sho Madjozi, is a South African poet and musician based in Senegal. Her style, energy and word skills have positioned her as an icon among her peers. Here, she speaks about her personal style, the accessory of the moment and what piece of art she’d most like on her wall.


What makes you stand out as an artist?

Probably the fact that I rap in Xitsonga.
In what way would you define your personal style? I don’t really have one. I just wear what I can afford and steal clothes from my mom and my grandmother.

Where does the name Sho Madjozi come from?

When I was growing up there was a character on Generations called Vivian Majozi. My cousins thought I looked like her so they nicknamed me Majozi.

Which African capital city would you love to visit in the near future?

Bamako! I was once on a plane from Senegal to Kenya and the plane hit a bird and broke down. We stopped in Bamako and spent 24 hours waiting for replacement parts. In those 24 hours, I fell in love with that place and I so badly want to go back.

BCEAO Bank tower, Bamako, Mali

What is the one item you never leave the house without?

My cellphone.
What is the accessory that everyone should own right now? Fluffy earrings. Venda satellite dishes are also key.

Quote to live by?

‘I don’t pay attention to the world ending. It has ended for me many times and began again in the morning.’ – Nayyirah Waheed

What would you like to be remembered for?

Bringing attention to African culture in a way that is stylish and influential.

Which artist would you most like to have lunch with?

Bad girl Riri.

Earrings, R219, Zara

Do you have a style icon?
I look to Xitsonga fashion from the late ’80s and early ’90s for inspiration.

Décor trend you’re loving?

Exposed clothing racks. I love being able to show off my clothes while storing them.
If money were not an issue what work of art would you buy?

A piece by Dali. Actually, I’d buy the whole Dali museum in Spain. I love that building; it fits with my theme colours – yellow and pink.

Salvador Dali Museum. Getty
Salvador Dali portrait by Guy Gillet