Durban-based photographer, Clinton Friedman, has recently released Subtraction, a book of his photographs of muti plants.

From the foreward to the book:

“Clinton Friedman first saw the broken aloes and various herbs on his first visit to a traditional muti (medicine) market in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa.

Dried, twisted, mashed or miraculously holding some of their original form, the plants are sold in a makeshift market on the pavement of the station, on the side of the road or in tiny downtown shops in areas where many fear to tread. These are healing plants, they have the power to transform, to magically reinstate the health of the sick and weary. They are blessed botanicals that have died so that others may experience heavenly health.”

Subtraction is available for sale online, or at local bookshops. See more photos of the muti plants here, and then take some time to look at the other beautiful photos on Clinton Friedman’s website .