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Your bedroom is your personal sanctuary so it is absolutely essential that it be considered during seasonal transitions.  Time to put away the electric blanket and bulky duvets because summer is just around the corner and we’re excited to start switching up the décor by introducing lighter and brighter fabrics and colours. 

There are several ways you can prep your room for the warmer weather and it’s always good to consider the fundamentals: bedding, curtains and colours. The idea is to make your room feel as breezy and as spacious as possible ergo, brighter colours and lighter fabrics. Mix pastels with brights but tie them all together with raw elements like wood or woven materials. Create a space that says “do not disturb, I’m currently lying on the beach”, but in my bedroom.

In terms of the above, nature offers the best source of inspiration.  Plants are the most low-fi way to brighten a space – whether it’s a giant fern or a beautiful sunflower. Other nature-inspired additions include seashells, rocks, semi-precious stones and woven baskets.  Don’t forget to throw in a bright knit throw, which can be tré chic but also handy when the nights get chillier.

Here is that inspiration you ordered:


Image: cococozybedroom


Light and bedding and curtains

Image: CharadaConceito

Adding plants

Image: Shopstyle

Plat with texture

Image: hannaimran

Go nude

Image: Zara home

Pump up the pastels

Image: Georgiana (Pinterest)

Bright prints and patterns

Image: Randi Garrett Design

More pillows

Image: Design Sponge

A light palette throw

Image: oh_eight_nine Instagram

Bold artwork 


Gemstones add a soft personal touch

Image: Betheny Menzel (Pinterest)

Get creative with lighting



Feeling a little more inspired? Then you’ll enjoy these 5 steps on how to get your home summer ready.