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Take the party outside this summer with DECO’s top buys for stylish open-air living. We took our inspiration cue from fabulous poolside images, and in this example an eco pool prompted a search for outdoor seating that’s both natural and on trend.

Deco also chatted to Jerome of Eco Pools for some information on the type of natural pool more and more homeowners are opting for

What is an Eco Pool?

An EcoPool is a pool that is kept clean using purely biological techniques and principles. Instead of using using chemicals, salt or other sterilising agents, the water is kept clean using a living, planted ecosystem that is created either as part of, or adjacent to the swimming zone. 

What are the benefits of having an Eco pool?

  • Crystal clear, natural water, year round, of sublime quality and purity (good enough to drink)
  • 100% chemical free which means no side effects of chlorine
  • Natural heating due to solar capture by plants
  • Significantly lower electric running costs
  • Possibility of zero pump systems

What type of plants are used in the natural pool ecosystem?

We use over 40 species of indigenous and naturalized wetland plants. Many of which have unusual and attractive forms and attract birds, bees, dragonflies and a myriad of other vertebrate and invertebrate animal life, which help control the poolside mosquito population.

How does one go about building an eco pool?

Essentially, Natural Pools are built in two parts, a swimming zone and an EcoZone. The two can be separated by a dividing wall below the water surface, or can be built as two completely separate basins. One can use a variety of materials including concrete, liners, timber or fiberglass.The EcoZone is filled with filter material and plants; and water is pumped between the two zones using a low power pump.

The details of how this actually works is rather complex so the best route is to contact a professional. EcoPools have different models by which we can help people build, plus we stock and supply all the components needed.

How hard is it to maintain an eco pool?

  • Anyone can do it as it is more of a gardening exercise than a chemistry experiment.
  • There are no shock treatments and no chemicals that need to be calculated or applied.
  • The pool needs to be vacuumed regularly and the sides need to be swept. The frequency will depend on the situation and the season. A creepy crawly can also be used for this function if the pool is built accordingly, but most people love spending time in and around their pools because they are such nurturing places to hang out.
  • Plants need to be trimmed and weeds pulled, and water lilies split from time to time.
  • Occasionally, vigorous plants need to be controlled and more delicate species nurtured.
  • EcoPools offers maintenance contracts for those clients who do not have the time to indulge themselves.

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