In our latest Spring Issue92, we were thrilled to work with the lovely Jess Ellis and Emma Frost from Supernatural Floral Design Studio. They are particularly rad, just like their work.  Find out a little more about them below.

What made you get in floristry professionally?
Neither of us ever grew up thinking we would one day become florists. It was less of decision than a gut feeling and something we thought we should run with. Both of us worked in jobs that we weren’t happy in, so we decided to take the plunge and change our careers before we became too comfortable and sank into a mundane routine. We wanted to do something we were passionate about, something that even when we were working 24 hour days, it wouldn’t feel laborious.  When we made the transition, everything fell into place, and here we are! Happy as Larry.

Why are your super flower making abilities different from other peoples?
We feel we have a young and fresh aesthetic. It’s personal, unusual and exciting. We consider every composition we make to be a work of art. We do not produce for the sake of it, but rather for the love of it.

Images: Photographer: Alix-Rose Cowie | Styling: Kate Desmarais | Model: Shelly Chen

What is your favourite flower?
That’s the toughest questions you could ever ask a florist! Every flower has something appealing to it, even the old gerbera. Peonies, with their fleshy fullness. The tulips clean, defined lines. A garden rose’s sweet scent. A blushing bride’s subtle contradictions. Flowers, like clothes, colours, accessories, et cetera, come in and out of fashion. Right now, our number one flower would have to be the Ranuncula. Ask us next week and we might have a different answer.

Favourite local flower?
SJOE! So many to choose from. We feel so privileged to be florists in South Africa with an abundance of interesting fynbos and      indigenous plants to inspire us.  We especially love all the rare bulb beauties found up South Africa’s west coast.

Images: With Laureen Rossouw | Flower Head shot by Alix-Rose Cowie | At work in the DECO studio

Whose home would you love to see your flowers in?
Laureen Roussow’s

Have you got any particularly exciting projects on the horizon?

Well, we’re on here. That’s about the most exciting thing that’s ever happened to us!

What is your secret weapon?

Our ability to read each other’s minds.

What is your greatest extravagance?
Buying imported peonies for ourselves just to watch them unfold and decay.

Pet hate about floristry?
Touching Oasis. That stuff is NASTY!

Common misconception about florists.
That florists dress in long overflowing dresses, sip on Earl Grey tea and laze around in a room overloaded with beautiful and exotic blooms. It’s not as glamorous as it seems!  There is a lot of thought, creativity, blood, sweat and tears that goes into each arrangement or function. From the creative concept, to the meetings, drawing up the quotes, sourcing the necessary goods, re-working the quotes, washing and prepping the buckets and vases, conditioning the flowers, arranging them beautifully, delivering, styling, hoping it all went well, collecting, unpacking, invoicing. Start again!

To see what they did for DECO, buy our Spring Issue92, and turn to p98 for our Palette of Spring
Jess: 079 3888 763
Emma: 072 4454 227