Avant-garde fashion designer Suzaan Heyns’ first store in Joburg is an appropriate match for the steely femininity of her sculptured garments. It’s right at home on Melville’s 9th Street, near the Bamboo Centre, SuperElla, Black Coffee and Entropy. Cheska from our Joburg office popped in to ask her about the store’s unusual design.

This is your first store. Tell us what you set out to achieve with it.
I wanted to create a whole shopping experience for each customer, one that would feel luxurious but unusual with a surreal, artistic feeling. I stock my men’s and women’s collections, as well as Marc Jacobs sunglasses, FINSK shoes and Ivka Cica jewellery – so it’s more of a lifestyle store.

How would you describe the shop’s aesthetic?
Femininity versus the darker side of nature… that goes for the clothes and the interior.

How does this translate into the shop’s interior?
The colour scheme of gold, white and nude, was the starting point, along with the gold skulls, and ties together the different styles. I chose the nude colour to complement the modernity of the gold and to make the skulls stand out even more. There are rocks anchoring the clothing rails and a white Astroturf carpet.

Which designers created items for the store?
I collaborated with Adriaan Hugo of Doktor and Misses to create the clothing rails and other fixtures. He came up with the idea of anchoring the rails in large rocks, and designed the large mirror that looks like it’s melting into the floor. Ceramic Matters made the ceramic hands. I love how they hang down from the lights as if reaching for the customers.

Images by Carolina Bedoya