Openstudio has collaborated with cinematographer Tatjana Meirelles to create a multi-screen installation which poetically explores the subtle relationship between the Swartberg House in the Karoo Desert, South Africa and its remarkable surroundings.

Openstudio Architects was invited to participate in the exhibition “TIME SPACE EXISTENCE” organised by the GAA Foundation and hosted by the European Cultural Centre at Palazzo Mora, Venice. The full film currently makes up a five-screen installation in a special exhibition at the Venice Biennale.

The exhibition will run from May 26th to November 25th, 2018 to coincide with the Venice Biennale of Architecture. Over 300 000 visitors are expected to attend the free event.
Openstudio Architects collaborated with cinematographer Tatjana Meirelles to create a ten-minute long multi-screen film installation, which captures time, space, existence, light and landscape in the Swartberg House in the Great Karoo, South Africa.
The Swartberg House has been designed to harvest the passage of time and light, and variations in heat and cold, to allow the inhabitants to develop an intense awareness of natural cycles of days and seasons, and the landscape in which the house is built.
The movements of a young girl, a young woman and an older woman activate the screens and the house. Without human interaction the house lies dormant, save for the movement and sounds of wind, birds and animals.

The use of film powerfully evokes the presence of the house, and the particular sense of place. The character of the film changes from the bright openness of daylight to a layered nuanced night. The multiple screens, and the ages of the people who move through them, subtly convey the passage of time, and the layered spaces of different scales that facilitate different inhabitations and existences.
Tatjana Meirelles is a filmmaker and photographer based in Cape Town, South Africa. In both her personal and commercial projects, she balances storytelling with a bold visual style with her work often centred on human interactions with landscape and architectural forms.

You can watch the video here.