ELLE Decoration’s deputy editor, Lauren Shantall, has recently returned to the DECO offices after having had a gorgeous son, so I thought a roundup of baby beds, bassinets, cribs and the like would be topical.


The Swing Low cradle hangs from the ceiling and is made from wool felt. It’s designed by Søren Ulrik Petersen, and is intended for babies under the age of 2 months. The felt is a good insulator, and also shields the baby from background noise. And, of course, it is just absurdly simple and beautiful, which seems like a good starting point in life.


The Luna cradle is a very limited designed by Piero Fornasetti, and produced by his son, Barnabo. It looks pretty impractical, and this might be because the design is said to be based on a magazine rack (huh?). Who said babies don’t induce a little nuttiness?


And while we’re talking mildly bonkers, what’s your take on this sportily-wheeled Q4 crib? I suppose as long as there’s a brake on it, it could turn out to be a very practical idea.