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The days are warmer and longer, and it’s finally time to embrace the outdoors again. Whether it’s hosting a braai for friends or simply having a space to read in the Sunday morning sun, there is something that feels so luxurious about making the most of an outdoor area. As with any redecorating job, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. Luckily, if you have an outdoor area, be it a stoep, a courtyard or an expansive garden, you only need a few key pieces to make the outdoors their most comfortable.

The Importance of Shade

Even though you want to embrace the sunshine, no one wants to be sitting out in the sun’s full glare. If you can’t splash out for a full pergola, there are clever, inexpensive ways you can deflect the light. Umbrellas, naturally, are an obvious way to block out the sun, but you can also play around with muslin. Thread it through trees hanging over your living space or knock in a few nails to attach it to a wall permanently. The importance of soft, diffused light can’t be stressed enough, it won’t matter how comfortable your furniture is if the sun is beating down on you.

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Soft Textures

As with your indoor living, comfort is key outside. Make sure you have lots of cushions and throws scattered around to invite people to flop down. Even sitting in a simple rattan chair can be elevated by a soft cushion or throw. And, if you don’t quite have enough seats for everyone, go for a bohemian theme and have people sit on piles of cushions.

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Retro Furniture

If you are looking to invest in a few furniture pieces, you really don’t have to spend a lot of money. Mixing and matching has been really popular this year, which means you combine older and newer pieces. Keep an eye on second hand stores, too, as wicker, cane and rattan are all coming back in and don’t ever really go out of style.

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Keep The Lighting Soft

When the sun goes down, you want to maintain that soft, ambient light into the evening. Have candles of all shapes and sizes dotted around so that you don’t have to use harsh ceiling lights. String up fairy lights for extra light and hang some lanterns from the trees and you’ll have no need to rush inside at all.

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Go Green

If you aren’t gifted with a luscious lawn or rose garden (don’t worry, us neither), you can still make your outdoor area feel like a jungle. Pot plants are a great way to add lots of green to the area, and herbs such as rosemary, lavender and thyme will add a great smell too.

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