Whether you are renovating or building from scratch, choosing the best designed taps and mixers can be tricky business. DECO found out all you need to know from FLUSH bathrooms.

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Image: Alape basin and CL 1 taps in the Deque range.

For the renovator

The most common problem when renovating is getting single lever mixers (which are 90% of taps available today) because you need balanced pressure and high pressure.  You can ask a plumber to investigate this, or simply check your geyser. If it lower than a 400 kpa geyser it is not ideal. Most brands can work on a low pressure geyser, but the performance in your newly renovated shower will be disappointing. Do not buy any taps or mixers, if you have unbalanced pressure or a low pressure geyser, your shiny new mixers will not work properly.

Single lever mixers need balanced pressure to work. This means that the hot and the cold water arrive to the mixer at the same pressure, between 340 and 400 kpa.

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Image: Tara range of bath and spa fittings.

To change or balance the pressure in your plumbing, your home and system will need to be checked. The outcome will either be that the pressure from the council mains is low, your geyser needs to be replaced, or your entire plumbing system needs upgrading. Be warned, this may come with a cost!

For the new builder

Generally on a new build, the plumbing will be done correctly to allow for single lever mixers. Always buy quality mixers from well-known brands and suppliers. In this way, if the local supplier closes one day, you can purchase spares from the international supplier.

Double check your brands first; you will be very surprised how many local brands claim to be European and are not. Also be aware that if you install the concealed part of one brand, you cannot fit finishes of another brand – so you may find yourself knocking into your wall to replace shower mixers – not a simple process.

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Image: Pressed steel enamel-coated basin from Germany and CL. 1 taps in MEM range.

If you want a freestanding bath mixer you will notice a price difference between known brands and unknown brands. The main reason for this is flow rate. Well-known brand are more expensive, but will take half the amount of time to fill your bath.

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