With The Flamjangled Tea Party in all its quirkiness about to rock the socks off the Cape this weekend, what better to scribble about than the much loved drink called tea.

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Tea comes in four main varieties: white, green, oolong and black. After water, it is the second most widely consumed beverage with an average of 3 billion cups being consumed daily.

Not only is it great to dunk a biscuit into it also; heals shaving cuts, eliminates bad odours when added to a foot bath, works well for fertilizing roses and is also good for cleaning floors. But if you actually just want to drink your tea, it is a natural antioxidant, packed with vitamins containing B1, B2 and B6.

‘As a very proud Englishman, I know that it is tea rather than blood that flows through my veins,’ said  Simon Majumdar. Well said. The Brits are the largest per capita tea consumers in the world, with each citizen consuming an average of 2.5 kg of tea per annum. From high tea to a ‘builder’s tea’ (that’s tea in a mug with more than 2 sugars) Brits just can’t get enough.

And just because weird is wonderful, here are some weird but fun facts:
1. Philosopher Jeremy Bentham kept a teapot called Dickey as a pet.
2. A cult in Malaysia worships a giant teapot, as it symbolises “the healing purity of water”.
3. The world’s oldest operating petrol station, in Zillah, Washington State, is shaped like a teapot.
4. There are about a quintillion atoms in a teaspoon of sugar (that’s 1 followed by 30 zeros).
Alternatively, you could use the teaspoon to hold 2,000 carrot seeds.

So get your tea cups ready. If you like to act silly and enjoy having fun, Flamjangled Tea Party is the perfect magical wonderland for it. A wide variety of musical acts will be performing, set on a beautiful wine farm in Durbanville –  20 minutes outside of Cape Town. This crazy-mad-happy (very strictly) dress-up event is not just for grown up kids but also for children and families. It’s really like taking a tumble down Lewis Carroll’s rabbit hole.  To find out more visit theteaparty.  Our Elle Decoration blogger/photographer team will be reporting back on the event, so you can expect plenty of visual feedback if you keep your eyes on this space.

Images: Deborah da Silva
Image: Deborah da Silva
Images: Deborah da Silva

‘If a man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth and beauty’ …..Japanese proverb

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Posted by Kat Scriven