After a rare sunny weekend, I’m starting to think about springcleaning, so did a quick roundup of gorgeous tea towels made by those clever Etsy sellers.

I’m really impressed with the beautiful screenprinted tea towels on Russian linen made by Australian outfit Flowerpress, and would be hard pressed to choose between any the Filigree design (top) and Chrysanthemums, which comes in scarlet or blue.

Cape Town Etsy seller Jezze has hand-stencilled tea towels for sale in three shades, named Steam, Vapour and Smoke because, as she says, “even the best cooks sometimes burn things”!

Showpony has another witty take on the tea towel, spelling out kitchen commandments like Keep It Clean in household creepy crawlies, and Do The Dishes in stacks of washing up.

These fresh and clean Red Poppy tea towels by Michelle Brusegaard will add a cheery splash to any kitchen.

I love the new design of fat green and blue Fish by Chicago-based Patapri. She really is an amazing seller, handprinting such an extensive range of multicolour designs.

Etsy seller PhatSheep lives on the Shetland Isles, and has drawn on her island birdlife to print this adorable Seabirds tea towel on linen.

Veering off the beaten tea towel track, Cicada Studio has hit on the brilliant idea of making this tea towel calendar. Sadly sold out (in a flash, it seems), the good news is that there’s a brand new version in the pipes. See more here.