Today I wanted to post a few of my favourite items based around cosy teatime.

Why not pour a lovely cup of tea from Wieki Somers’ thinly cast bone china “High-Tea” teapot…

…into one of Maxim Velčovský’s Cola Cups for Qubus, made from a cast of a coke bottle (you choose, Delft or bling?).

Have a slice of cake off a china plate by Timorous Beasties

… while sitting on Eelko Moorer’s irresistible bear rug.

Or just use Maxim Velčovský’s “Legendary Pink Dots” teaset all in one.
PS: Maxim Velčovský will be speaking at this year’s Design Indaba at the end of Feb. Read more about him here, and his role at the conference here.