We have ants in our pants today and needed to have a little fun! So we stuck everyone from the DECO Team against a wall, took pictures of what we were wearing and then looked for images of interiors that picked up on similar characteristics of our outfits. Apart from being a barrel of laughs, it is always interesting to look at the relationship between interior design and fashion. We did quite a lot of this in our latest Fashion Issue91; we even got our advertisers to explore the way the catwalk influences the way we live in our From Catwalk to Couch advertorial section.

At the top we have our Online intern, Chisanga Mukuka. She mixed shades of black and charcoal with her characteristic elegant lines and a pop of red.


Hendrik Coetzee, our Stylist | http://www.cole-and-son.com/Wcollection_detail.asp?CollectionID=126

Then we have the two kids who sit in the naughty corner. Hendrik, our stylist is always thinking bigger and better and more wonderful! His nautical outfit made us think of┬áCole & Son’s Acquario wallpaper designed by Fornasetti (available from St Leger & Viney.)

Kirsten, our new designer, is our class clown. Her white Spanish blouse was spruced up with a bunch of (dying) flowers. If that makes any sense?

Kirsten Townsend, our designer | http://www.designfront.org/category.php?id=28&product=105
Michael Owen, our Features Writer and Copy Editor | http://buildingblockx.wordpress.com/tag/pine-trees-wall-paper/

Heading up our features department we have Michael Owen, whose impeccable style is unfailing. His fun David West backpack shirt is paired with a cheeky pair of geometric socks. Geometry is getting some serious airtime in decor at the moment, from fabrics to carpets and accessories.

Estee is our new Managing Editor. Her classic wardrobe, with subtle details and textures always invites a closer look. Her no-mess-no-fuss attitude is reflected by this monochromatic scheme.

Estee Kershoff our Managing Editor | http://ifloodemptylakes.tumblr.com/post/47539141443/maletrends-male-trends-a-blog-about-mens

Bielle is the Online Editor and features writer. She has a small but powerful crush on the colour camel at the moment, and manages to incorporate it in most outfits. Pairing it with black makes for a simple yet pleasing combination, much like combining wooden hues and black in interiors.

Bielle Ross, our Online Editor and Features Writer

Seeing what our intern Kirstie wears everyday is a treat; always cheerful colours, sweet details, and fun accessories.

Kirstie our Intern | http://clivetompsett.com/editorial/