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Textiles + Alchemy is the science of deconstruction and reconstruction of fabrics. Images by: Textile & Alchemy

When the sun’s out, the sunnies come out! The continually updating sunglasses trends can be tough to keep up with, but don’t get lost in a bright light abyss – Textiles & Alchemy has got your eyes covered. DECO finds out more…

Finding a fresh pair of everyday sunglasses is surprisingly tricky. They need to be trendy and versatile enough for any type of outfit. Textiles and Alchemy designs incredibly trendy sunglasses that have become wearable pieces of art. The designers behind the name are Coretta Hutson and Rodrigo Richardson, who continually provide stylish and original eye-wear that showcase line textures, fabric choice, colour and contrast on each pair of eye-wear that complement the diverse facial features around our world.

Textile and Alchemy fabrics
Image Source: Textiles and Alchemy

High quality fabrics are sourced from Asia, Africa, Europe, Middle East and Native America, and then go through a rigid selection process, whereby they are deconstructed through a form of design alchemy. Thai textiles are used for their bright eye catching prints while African printed fabrics are used for the innovative print and quality of the fabric.


Image Source: Textiles and Alchemy

Alchemy is the art that separates what is useful from what is not by transforming it into its ultimate matter and essence


Hutson and Richardson have trained their eyes to find fine art within textiles and skilled hands for manipulating fabrics. Hutson grew up around seamstresses in the Caribbean and New York. She found herself indulging more in different cultures and developed a keen interest in knowing where fabrics originated, to better understand the patterns represented and the narrative behind the design.

Richardson, on the other hand, is a visual and culinary artist of the African Diaspora. He grew up with an early appreciation for indigenous and Afro-Caribbean art, food, music, and photography. Rodrigo found himself being attracted to African textiles and knew that his love for them needed to be shared with the world.

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5% of all landfill production is textile waste. Textiles and Alchemy, or T+A, is an eco-friendly and eco-conscious company that is constantly finding new ways to reduce their carbon foot print. Currently T+A is running a zero waste initiative called Textile Remnant Recycle Program (T.R.R.P).

Textiles are collected from local seamstresses and tailors and up-cycled by T+A where they are used to create these limited edition sunglasses as well as aesthetically beautiful housing for your T+A work of art. The leftovers are then used for fine art projects or re-purposed for product packaging.

Textile & Alchemy Sunglasses
Image Source: Textiles and Alchemy

Thinking outside of the box is not enough for us, we live outside the box. There is a strong element of love and care in every piece we make. Ultimately, we are committed to giving our customers unique, well-constructed pieces of art.

T + A on the beach
Image Source: Textiles and Alchemy

As our surrounding environment is continually changing, a growing need for protective eyewear is on the rise. Sunglasses have been proven to be a necessity for optimum eye health. T + A have taken this cry for help further by making it an essential accessory item to your wardrobe and adding a dash of personality so they stand out in a sea of generic black shades.

Images: Textiles and Alchemy


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