Last Saturday Team Deco had a beach party on Camps Bay beach. The sun was shining. The wind died. The friends who all said they would, pitched.

And Glodina made the party with piles of bright, thirsty beach towels. We love how they look, arranged so we could see our name in brights.

When we got to the beach, we make some new friends and invited them to come and share the sun, the ice cream and the Glodinas with us.

After we’d waved at a few helicopters and winked at the beach volleyball team, we packed up our umbrellas gave away the Glodinas to everyone that came.

Editor Laureen Rossouw, Stylist Hendrik Coetzee

Thanks Glodina. We think you’re jollier than jellybeans. We love you more than softserve.

Posted by Jenny Mason and Inge van der Merwe