picnic basket
Source: Pinterest; Everyday Parisian

Summer is here and everybody is ready to go out and be rightfully kissed by the sun. If you are not going to the beach, you might be in your backyard swimming, out and about in the streets of your city or in some public park watching a concert or simply lazing around. No matter what you up to this summer, for success in your summer activities, you need good food and a picnic basket is a great way to ensure you always have quality snacks on hand. These are the 5 essentials for your picnic basket this summer.


It is vital to hydrate when you are out in the summer sun. Try pack at least one litre of the good stuff, you can even flavour your water by adding some fresh fruits to your water. To keep things extra cool, freeze a couple of bottles of water, use them as a way to keep your food cool and then drink the icy water when you’re done.


Sometimes your summer holiday requires a bit of travelling. Pack in some nibbles for the road so you don’t have to fill up on the junk from petrol stations; some nuts, cheese or fruits will go well.

Something Savoury and Something Sweet

Pack in little nutritious nibbles that are quick and easy to prepare at home beforehand such as a sandwichBanana breadmuffins or salad. Don’t forget to add a bit of sweetness to your meal with Cake or a sweetened drink.

CutleryPaper towels and Wet Wipes

It is no good having all that food if you can’t properly dig into it, so make sure you pack some plates and eating utensils in your basket. If that is too heavy,  you can just buy paper plates and biodegradable bamboo forks and knives. Keep your area clean and hygienic, because eating outdoors can be a little messy and unpredictable, so having some paper towels and wet wipes on hand is always best.

A Blanket

The most necessary accessory for picnicking – other than a basket, obviously – is a blanket, so you have something comfy to sit on. Whether you are on the beach in the park you will need a blanket. If you’re feeling fancy, add some throw pillows and relax.