In an increasingly paper-less age of information, we searched South Africa for artists and crafters who are working with this versatile substance to show that its unique properties, its beauty, relevance, and practicality remain very important, interesting and exciting. Driven by ongoing innovation in the paper industry, the uses of this infinite natural resource are perhaps only limited by our imaginations.

Images: 3. Yulia Brodskaya Paper Typograpohy | Porcelain Paper Plate Paper Marbling | Paper craft by Jeff Nishinaka | Party Backdrop by Katharina Trudzinsky

In our brand new Spring Issue 92, we have devoted 7 pages to profiling remarkable South African paper people living here and across the globe. We show you the work of Johan de Lange (whose work is so beautiful we made it our cover), Sipho Mabona, Niki Daly, Kyoko Kimura, Joann Orr, Pauline Irvine, and Denise Kiggan, Lyndi Sales, Rebecca Jones and Quazi Design, founded by Doron Shaltiel.

Images:2.Recycled Paper Decorative Bowl | 4. The House That Lars Built. Pixelated post-its photobooth | Wasara Biodegradable Paper Tableware

“From the finest quality paper through to the thickest, strongest corrugated carton, the manufacturing for this renewable resource is the same: the wood must first be shredded and mixed with water to make pulp. The pulp is then refined, cleaned and agitated before being pumped onto a moving screen or mesh. As the pulp travels along the screen, excess water is drained away and recycled. A paper sheet made from interlocking cellulose fibres begins to form. As it moves through the papermaking machine it is pressed between huge rollers to extract water and subsequently through heated rollers to remove any remaining water. Once the paper has been dried and pressed and depending upon its end use, it may be finished with coatings or other additives which ensure uniform smoothness and thickness.”

Images: 2. Alexandra Verschueren . Paper fashion | 4. Receipt paper typography . The Design Office | 6. Artists and designers have been invited by Arjowiggins Creative Papers to create paper inspired art using stock from their Curious Collection range. | Aquamarine Paper Furniture | Spring orchard by Gloss Creative | DIY circle punch backdrop
Images: Vintage paper party decorations | Photo by Our Labor of Love

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