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Spring is in the air! And so are our insects, zooming and buzzing around between the blooming blossoms. For its love and appreciation of bees and all other pollinating insects the British tea brand Taylors Tea, in partneship with Kew Gardens, created “the world’s poshest insect residence”.

Amptly named The Grand Beedapest Hotel the brand wants to “create a buzz, encouraging people to make their own homes and gardens more bee-friendly”.  So with rooms like “Sweet Rhubarb Suit” and the “Lemongrass Ginger Bar” The Grand Beedapest Hotel is surely giving us a benchmark for setting up our own backyard insect hotel.

Image artist impression of The Grand Beedapest Hotel,

To get you inspired here are a few more swanky insect inns from gardens and parks around the world providing shelter, nesting and hibernation for our insects:

Branch pieces filled with different natural materials stuck to a drain pipe with a magnet, | Cityscape insect hotel,
A take on a vertical garden the “Bee Wall” is a vertical wall mounted insect hotel,
Elle Deco SA
Babylonstoren’s Cape Dutch style insect hotel

Important points to take in consideration when buidling your own insect hotel:

  • Cool and damp spots should attract most insects but some do prefer their rooms a bit warmer so look for a semi shaded spot to set up shop
  • Build from the ground up – this will cater to the needs of both the creepy crawlies as well as the high flyers
  • Extend your offering by providing a selection of suite sizes
  • And yes, different insects do prefer different types of sheeting so fill your hotel rooms with different natural material like bark pieces, pine cones, twigs, grasses and straw
  • When drilling holes in wooden logs or branches do it at a slight angle so rain can’t fill the tube like suites
  • Remember to use untreated wood
  • Feel free to include rubble like bricks and terracotta pots – up the chicness with retro style decorative breeze blocks
  • Larger rubble pieces also make great rooms for frogs, provided it stays damp down there – a hand full of leaves should do the trick

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