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BFGF is the brainchild of Los Angeles-based visual artist Lilian Martinez. Drawing inspiration from a variety of areas the end result is a visual feast exploring time travel, parallel histories, and transcendent experiences. 

Lilian explains the thinking behind her products as functional, accessible art pieces. Extending the role of the viewer into one of the consumer. In our latest #WinterIssue, we are honoured and privileged to have Lilian’s beautiful rugs opening the Homes, Shopping and Living sections.  

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Working with digitally printed textiles and natural fibres, Lilian uses the benefits of digital printing to her advantage and has extended her range to include a variety of products that include blankets, swimsuits, and t-shirts.

Furthermore, Lilian works collaboratively with her husband Daniel on Ola Onda  a photography studio dedicated to creating images that are imaginative and playful.

BFGF | Elle Decoration
Images by Daniel Adam McKee

It is inspired by sculpture, the internet, snacks, comfort, and both tropical and desert landscapes.

BFGF | Elle Decoration SA

As modern and fresh as the concept of finding inspiration in the mundane and over publication of popular culture, BFGF’s popularity has grown massively through their social media channels, especially their Instagram which offers a daily stream of unique content.

BFGF | Elle Decoration SA
Very Fine Blanket (Digitally Woven Blanket) in 100% Cotton


For more information have a look at & follow them on Instagram  & Tumblr 

Buy BFGF blankets online here & clothing and accessories here.

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