The London Mastaba, a temporary sculpture in Hyde Park, by world-renowned artist Christo, has taken up residence in the Serpentine Lake.

The sculpture, which consists of 7,506 horizontally stacked barrels on a floating platform in the famous lake, will be on view until 23 September 2018.

The London Mastaba is the first major outdoor public work by Christo in the UK, and it coincides with an exhibition at the Serpentine Galleries of Christo and his late wife Jeanne–Claude’s work, which opened on the 19th of June and continues until 9 September 2018. Both The London Mastaba and exhibition are free to the public – no tickets or reservations are required.
The construction of Christo’s temporary sculpture began on 3 April 2018 by JK Basel, Deep Dive Systems, and Coventry Scaffolding as well as a team of engineers from Schlaich Bergermann Partner. The London Mastaba consists of 7,506 horizontally stacked barrels on a floating platform, 20 metres high x 30 metres wide (at the 60° slanted walls) x 40 metres long. Standard 55 gallon barrels, 59 x 88 cm, were fabricated and painted for the sculpture. The sides of the barrels, visible on the top and on the two slanted walls of the sculpture, are red and white. The ends of the barrels, visible on the two vertical walls, are blue, mauve and a different hue of red.

All construction materials are certified as having low environmental impact to preserve the ecosystem of the lake. The removal of the sculpture will begin on 23 September 2018. While some equipment and materials, such as scaffolding, have been rented and will be returned, the other materials will be removed and industrially recycled in the UK following the project. The London Mastaba is being entirely funded by Christo, through the sale of his original works of art. No public money is used for Christo’s projects and he does not accept sponsorship.

Photography: Wolfgang Volz

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