We’re thrilled to kick off the week with a guest post from Neville Trickett, who, amongst other things, is one half of the genius behind the botanically-inspired Saint Verde stores. Neville’s relatively new to blogging, but his Saint Verde Digest has been top notch right from post #1. Take it away, Mr Trickett!

We hear about the Roaring 20’s, the Fabulous 50’s, the Swinging 60’s and… well, the 80’s, which was the decade that taste forgot, but we hear very little about the 1940’s. This is a great pity as the 40’s was a great refinement on the 1950’s, and the perfect launching pad for the 1960’s. The French got this right on target, so much so that the furniture, as well as the textiles of this period have continued to influence the current French superstars. For your pleasure, I have paired an edited selection of 1940’s french furniture with Josef Franks textiles from Svenskt Tenn, produced between 1933 and 1967 .


See more inspiring juxtapositions, as well as some mischief and beauty at Neville Trickett’s Saint Verde Digest, and visit his Flickr for even more.