Nestled along the trendy Camps Bay main road strip, The Marly Hotel is where one goes when they want to get away whilst being treated to the luxuriousness of a place that feels like home. With excellent service and a great selection of dining options, the Marly is a great place to recline while enjoying the offerings of Camps Bay and surrounds.

The eleven-suite, five-star boutique hotel in Cape Town, takes its name from Chateau de Marly, built in the 17th Century for the leisure activities of Louis XIV and his family, which made total sense considering what was in store for me during my stay.

Upon arrival I was met by a friendly receptionist and doorman who helped me settle in very quickly, and I was immediately taken by the intimacy of the spaces. The foyer and the communal lounge area mimicked the modern feel I imagine an apartment in up-market New York would look like, down to the velvety couches and candles.

When I inquired about the décor, I found out that the owner of the hotel has added personal touches to the communal area, which made a all the difference. Bejeweled skulls, fashion and art encyclopedia-like books, and the DVD collection all caught my eye as I perused the bookshelves which also included a selection of figurines and mini-statues.

After making my way through the small dimly-lit hallway, I walked into my home for the evening, suite number 15. I immediately had a “Hello MTV, welcome to my glamorous crib” moment as I took in the room, from the soft white sheets, to the fully stocked fridge, through to a bathroom that is to die for (seriously, look at the pic above). The décor elements carry an undeniably modern thread: large bathroom mirrors, white couches and hanging light features – I felt like I could be reenacting a  scene from a Sarah Jessica Parker memoir. The chalk-like portrait  illustrations on the walls added a youthful vibrance to the bedroom space.

When it came to the food, I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that  Umi and La Belle Bistro & Bakery catered for the establishment; both serve delicious food with a variety of options. The restaurants are located downstairs which adds to the convenience of the modern urban ocean apartment vibe. My personal favourite was the dinner experience at Umi under the ambient lights near the fire place – the Japanese-style menu boasted a wide array of options, which is great for someone like myself who prefers a simple meal. Waking up to the option of full English breakfast from La Belle Bistro & Bakery at my door on Sunday morning was not a bad way of ending off my stay. I imagine that poolside meals will be a noteworthy addition in the summer months.

If you are looking for a place where you can relax and feel at home, with the option of fine dining and an array of movies to watch while you’re snuggled up in the evening(or all day), The Marly is your fabulous home away from home.

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