A chic light collection will certainly never go out of style.

Recently, however, we seen a couple of local brands release beautiful light collections that are as design-forward as they are functional.


Moonjelly is a collection of otherworldly lights that blur the line between sculpture and function. The light collection was thought up after the team spent a week at the Ngwenya Glass factory in Swaziland. Here they experimented with glass blowing to bend recycled glass orbs over steel structures in a melting Dali-esque manner.

The range is a series of 27 pieces that includes standing lamps as well as single and cluster pendants. The steel structures carry the bold Memphis-inspired shapes that have become part of the design studio’s signature. The marriage of these two typologies – sharp versus soft, steel versus glass – results in a whimsical and weird design language that could only be Dokter & Misses. The Moonjelly range is available at Dokter and Misses’ new showroom at 99 Juta Street, Braamfontein, Johannesburg and at GUILD, Shop 5B, Silo 5, Silo District, V&A Waterfront, Cape Town. dokterandmisses.com


OKHA designer Adam Court explores the paradoxical and curious relationships of Absolute Symmetry aligned with Chaos and Disorder and gives us the “Law and Disorder” table lamp. Fabricated from sheets of mirror polished stainless steel from base stand to cylindrical shade. Three trapezoid shapes of matching proportions are bonded together to form the lamp base which connect via the equilateral triangle to the shade.

Law and Disorder is available in three finishes, black, white and polished steel; the myriad surface reflections of the polished steel heighten and exaggerate the beguiling disorder. okha.com


Faro is new portable light collection from Newport Lighting that is tapping into the nomadic trend of millennials. What’s the big attraction to portable lighting? The answer is flexibility. Imagine the opportunity to create a beautiful glow wherever you go. Think rechargeable, battery- operated, and solar. We love the mix of modern and retro style, too, as well as being able to brighten up any spaces from a beach picnic to a tricky outdoor seating arrangement. newport.co.za